United for Unity

‘’United for Unity’’ is a short documentary film that aims to show the activities of the feminist collective ‘’NousToutes974’’, based in Reunion Island. The French department is currently facing issues regarding sexism, sexual violence and harassment. In front of the camera stands the feminist activist Alizee Cauvin-l’Heureux who, driven by her own experience, decided to dedicate most of her life to supporting the cause by organizing various artistic and educational events and raising awareness of these problematic topics.

Rebels of Ecological Cause

Nowadays we live in a fast-paced world. Unfortunately, the environment is deeply affected by the changes. As human beings, it is our responsibility to take care of the surrounding world, including and especially nature. ‘’Rebels of Ecological Cause’’ was filmed in Reunion and it seeks to show us that a green and sustainable future is possible only if we understand the necessity of it and we are working together. Julie Cochard is an eco-activist, President of the association ‘’Volunteers of Reunion’’. She and some of the volunteers stand in front of the camera in order to introduce us to the pollution problems the Island is currently having. But there is always hope when we are all united in defending a good cause, isn’t there?

A small step towards big change

Elijah Alvares is a young politically engaged individual who strives to create a more inclusive world through campaigns against discrimination. ‘’A small step towards big change’’ is a film that shows another great initiative - in 2021, Elijah started a campaign for the creation of gender-neutral toilets within the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which was deeply linked with the well-being of the students as the percentage of depression, loneliness and anxiety was researched to be much higher amongst people from the rainbow community, compared to heterosexual people. Elijah operates under the motto ‘You can’t live under the illusion that we aren’t all deeply connected’ and wants to continue working on projects that promote social inclusion, tolerance and empathy. 

Forming a community

‘’The Unity Association’’ in Zaragoza, Spain was originally created by 4 young women, one of which is Luna Lin. Their mission is to form a local community in their city and to give visibility on important topics such as female rights, pink tax, mental health and social skills, various discussions about environmental problems and not only to participate actively in the community life of Zaragoza, but unite other young people who share the same interests and values.

Artscape adventures: Youth Summer Camp for Creative Minds

‘’AlterCamp’’ is an all-arts youth summer camp near Covasna, Romania, where highschool artists from the country gather for an unforgettable experience.
The film follows a diverse group of talented young artists as they come together to explore their creative passions. Toth Mesi and Bartalis Orsolya are helping us peek behind the curtains of AlterCamp, where, for six days, the nearly two hundred participants immerse themselves into a world full of inspiration and co-creation, while strengthening artistic bonds and friendships. Guided by their mentors, the campers are divided into different teams in order to develop new skills, brainstorm and bring to life their final performances.