CoLab, Greece

Colab is an initiative promoted by K.ANE. Youth Development (Kalamata) with the intention to embrace the common European values of openness, civic engagement, critical thinking and human rights.

The Co-lab is a voluntary structure, an open social space, which aims to offer opportunities to learn as well as cultural and social empowerment. A living organization that evolves from its own members and volunteers. It gives the opportunity to youth local and foreign volunteers to teach and share their pieces of knowledge with the local community.

It started as an initiative of the youth and education organization K.A.NE., however, it is now a self-governing voluntary structure. It is managed by the assembly of its volunteers, who decide on its development. As an open structure, it welcomes new members to the management team, where anyone who wants to volunteer can join and become part of the most original youth structure that currently exists at the European level.

Based on principles of equality and equity, the youth activities of CoLab are open to any young person living in Kalamata giving the opportunity to participate in different kinds of workshops and exchange programs. Every year is different, more lively, more organized, and with different events and activities! Co-Lab is a place for young people who want to learn (or teach), play, socialize or just hang out and enjoy their coffee in an open and pleasant environment.

The idea is to create a safe space for young people who develop in many ways. It is a project based on the offer, cooperation, and mutual development of its members. It goes deeper into the philosophy that each of us is unique and can offer our knowledge and hobbies to others. Moreover, Colab aims to provide opportunities for learning and social empowerment without including economic occupations.

Young local communities gain soft skills and educational innovative tools that prepare them for the business world as well as lead them in self-awareness and confidence. These tools help young people take on responsibilities and initiatives. From its start, more than 100 local and newcomer youth, learned how to participate in local decision-making processes on matters that directly affect them, receive significant volunteering opportunities that promote social cohesion and solidarity, and engage in activities that prepare them for meaningful employment opportunities. With CoLab a society with less inequality and more social inclusion of individuals and social groups is created gradually.