New Generation Got Game, Greece

New Generation Got Game Festival is Civic action that is fully supported and organized by youth volunteers and young employers of Generation 2.0 Red Association.

The intercultural basketball tournament “New Generation Got Game” focuses on the process of integration of young Athenians of different origins, who share the same neighborhoods in Greek society.

In an effort to increase the visibility of young people from different backgrounds and to facilitate the process of their integration and acceptance by Greek society, sport is perceived as a means of meaningful integration and interaction, promoting values such as fair play and respect among young people.

Therefore, in order to promote and facilitate integration, creation of new relationships and strengthening of existing ties, the Intercultural Basketball Tournament “New Generation Got Game” is organized in the neighborhoods of Athens. Each time, the tournament grows bigger and bigger, including young people born and/or raised in Greece, immigrants, and Greeks from all over Athens, who share their love for 3 basic things: basketball, the neighborhoods of Athens, and diversity. Moreover, the festival includes activities like non-stop music, art, food, dance and different workshops…

The main purpose of the tournament is to promote the healthy social integration of immigrants and young people of immigrant origin. Integration is a continuous process that requires the active participation of all elements of society. It includes migrants or refugees, young people of migrant origin, and local people alike.

Young men and women from all over the world proved in two days that in basketball, it does not matter where you are from, what you look like, what religion you are, or what color your skin is. All that matters is what you bring to the game.

Sports are perceived as a means of effective integration and interaction, promoting values such as fair play and respect among young people, increasing visibility for kids with different backgrounds, and facilitating at the same time the integration process and acceptance of the Greek society.

The festival also focuses on sustainability, in fact plastic cups, food, clothes, pharmaceuticals, and more will be collected for vulnerable populations.