TEDxAUTH, Greece

TEDxAUTH (Thessaloniki) is in a corporation between big companies. In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading” TEDx is a program of local, independent events that bring people together to share a TEDx experience. In a TEDx event, speakers aim to connect and empower the audience through discussion. These local independent events bear the name TEDx, where x represents the independent nature of the organization of the event. The TEDxAUTH team consists of creative young from various departments and faculties of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and other educational institutes throughout Greece, full of enthusiasm and energy, who have decided to contribute with “ideas worth spreading” at the Aristotle University the city of Thessaloniki.

The “perspective” event belongs to this motivation. That year TEDx pursue to broaden the horizons and open new ways of thinking. The idea is to motivate and help the audience reset their perspective on life to be heard. As side events, they also aim to promote in their own way ideas worth spreading. In this context, also happened 3 workshops in total. Moreover, there were other organizations as guests in order to make small workshops, give information, and promote informal education and opportunities, such as first aids lessons, AIDS tests, AISEC info points, etc.

A particular perspective is a particular way of thinking about something, especially one that is influenced by your beliefs or experiences. The theory of suggesting three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, in order to recreate the appearance and spatial relationships or a scene in recession present to the eye. More specifically, differences between cultures, jobs, and environments were addressed. Each speaker talks about their personal experience that led them to form a certain logic and explains how they changed their perspective on life. The idea was to meet successful businesspersons with very different backgrounds and life in order to destroy many of the false perspectives, listen, motivate, and get inspired by their idea based on the future.

The evaluation was done by questionnaires after the whole event. The result?Unexpected connections. Extraordinary insights. Powerful inspiration. All of the attendees were impressed by what is happening out there and how they can have a seat on this trip. Most of them were signed directly in a new association or organization in order to participate more actively in their society. They were also interested in being part of big associations such as the red cross or being volunteers in helpful teams such as it is the guide dogs organization. Moreover, as the event was organized only from the volunteers of TEDx AUTH, they were able to develop their digital skills and development through the preparation and the support of the project.