What´s going on in our local community, Spain

The Unity Association is a group of young women who seek to form a community in the city of Zaragoza and give visibility to everything it has to offer. Their interests are very varied, and their objectives are still developing, but the idea is to contribute their grain of sand to contribute to a positive change in issues ranging from the environment, feminism, youth, among others.

Thanks to social networks such as Instagram, Unity provides the young citizens of Zaragoza with interesting information about the activities that take place in the city, about current issues such as festivals and local events, and gives visibility to events or issues to be taken into account for the improvement of community life of the city.

Some of their publications deal with topics such as the “purple points” during the Pilar festival in Zaragoza, where women can be cared for and feel safe during the festivities. Their media content also covers topics such as the pink tax, the inflation in supermarkets, and forest fires in Spain, topics that are sometimes not well addressed in the local media and make young people not understand the current social situation correctly.

The result of this initiative is still in process of evaluation since it started this year 2022, and the team is working on new publications and content. The next step is covering topics dealing with mental health and social skills, something that young people are very interested in nowadays, so the impact is expected to be great. So far, it is getting more and more followers on Instagram and many people are getting interested in the information addressed, and if we believe that information is power, the vision is that it improves social cohesion and participation, enables conversation and understanding and promotes European values.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asociacionunity/